Tuesday, June 21, 2011


For the past 24 hours Daniel has been surprising me with stuff he's done or gotten for the house. First thing he did was yesterday by getting our recycling can. Not the one that our township provides. Oh no. This thing is about the size of our garbage can and is on wheels. We recycle a lot so the one or two "crates" our township gives won't be enough. Plus being able to roll out both cans makes it easy on me if I have to take it to the curb. Second thing, we have a shelf in our garage. Our countertop on the breakfast bar bowed a little so they came in a replaced it today, during our 30 day inspection. So instead of throwing it away our punch out guy just used it to make a shelf. Last thing, OUR TV IS MOUNTED in the family room. I came home and I instantly heard the TV. I thought Daniel had the tv up loud upstairs. Nope, its our lovely Samsung hanging above the fireplace in all its glory. I love my hubby. So our 30 day inspection went well. There really aren't any issues. We had loose floor board in our bedroom, which was fixed last week. The countertop issue mentioned above. We had the electrician in here 2 weeks ago because the treadmill kept tripping the breaker. They painted the scrape marks on the wall too. In other house news, our concrete sidewalks are in. Well and I'm still working on putting together my closet. Sorry for the rambling, but I'm about to go to bed now. Toodles

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Is a free morning room!!!  I'm hot.  When we signed it was a finished basement, but a morning room?  I've only seen that incentive in a new community, but not as an official campaign.

In home news, nothing has changed.  Well other than the stainless steel cookware set that we got from Costco that I'm in love with.  Daniel is in the family room right now marking the studs for the TV.  Slow and steady wins the race right?

Miss you guys and congrats to all of those who have closed recently. 

Special shout out to my girl Noey.  What did I tell ya, it's all in his plans.  Glad the house is officially yours.  :-)