Sunday, June 12, 2011


Is a free morning room!!!  I'm hot.  When we signed it was a finished basement, but a morning room?  I've only seen that incentive in a new community, but not as an official campaign.

In home news, nothing has changed.  Well other than the stainless steel cookware set that we got from Costco that I'm in love with.  Daniel is in the family room right now marking the studs for the TV.  Slow and steady wins the race right?

Miss you guys and congrats to all of those who have closed recently. 

Special shout out to my girl Noey.  What did I tell ya, it's all in his plans.  Glad the house is officially yours.  :-)


  1. AW! *blushes* thanks hon!

    I think the free morning room is what is running in our place now too. *shrugs*

    Miss you!

  2. Hey you can't look back when buying is what it the time you try and get the best deal possible...and you are right...the morning room is usually an incentive for a new community.