Sunday, May 22, 2011


We're back. I can't believe that we haven't made a post in such a long time. This is madness to me.

We'll we're pretty much settled in. Let me get this out of the way now, there a no pics. But we're 90% unpacked. We have to unpack our clothes, Daniel is way ahead of the game than me though. We also need to unpack and mount both TVs. Daniel put up all of the blinds and curtains, I'm so glad he's tall.  We still have no idea what we're going to due with the morning room windows.  Daniel drove on the street behind our house, which is up on a hill and there are no houses up there yet, and was able to see my mom and I in the kitchen.  I want something that would give privacy, but not detract from the beauty and the light that the morning room brings. 

We both took vacation the week after we closed, and boy did we need it.  Movers came that Monday, Tuesday the garage door openers were installed and the asphalt for our driveway was laid, Wednesday our bedroom furniture came, Thursday washer and dryer delivery and installation, Friday and the weekend we put up the blinds and curtains, and Monday the microwave was installed.  And last Friday Guardian came to activate the alarm.  Busy, busy, busy.  Oh and we also had guests that first week too.  My dad and stepmom came in.  We surprised them with an actual bed as they expected to sleep on the air mattress they gave us.  It sucked going back to work, but we have to pay the mortgage now right? 

I'm using our washer and dryer for the first time as I write this post.  We got the LG 3360 series washer and dryer.  They both have steam and the 6 motion technology.  We also replaced our range hood with an LG microwave, LMV1680BB.  We love it.  I couldn't have imagined getting Ryan to install the microwave.  It's literally just high enough for me to use it.  So pretty much the only GE appliances we have in the house are the stove and dishwasher. 

Once everything is tiddy, I'll take pics and post them.  We gotta keep up with India and her faboulousness. 


  1. LOL India is going to love that last comment!

    Congrats again! Can't wait to see the pics! Nice to "see" you again!

  2. Welcome back! I have been wondering where you have been and if you have been all settled in. I am definitely looking forward to pictures!!!!!!!! :)

    Sounds like you have been busy!!!! It is a good thing that you got some time off work to get focused on your new house. I bet your house looks FANTASTIC! Again, looking forward for pictures and am curious how your curtains turn out. I am in need of ideas for what to do with my windows. I am horrible horrible in decorating. I am tempted to just hire someone and let them do all the work haha.

  3. Crazy busy...welcome back and looking forward to the pics!!!

  4. Missed you! Can't wait to see pictures !!

  5. HAHAHHAHAHAHAH VERY FUNNY MA'AM!!! lol....i havent been completely MIA...i read just havent had time to post much... Im happy your settled in...and yes I WANT PICS lol