Monday, May 9, 2011


As I write this we are waiting for the movers to show up. It's ironic when we move out of our old place they were early and we were not ready. We even went over the schedule time. This time to we are ready and they are held up at another site. I pray this time around there are no hiccups. We had Directv installed on saturday and we love it! The contractor they sent was very knowledgeable and is okay with Daniel calling and asking questions since he wasn't there during install . You want to know something hilarious? Remember that last minute change order we have to do so we can get the extra output for the dvr, the contractor said we don't have to have it anymore. Also in tap for today Verizon is supposed to come out and fix the phone. I know its small and we do have cellphones, but service is so bad I can't even send text messages sometimes. Gotta go movers are here


  1. In case Daniel is interested here is a forum you can use to find out all kinds of tips and tricks for DirecTV:

    You can even become a beta tester, which means you can get som eof the cool new features in advance of everyone else. I do not have DirecTV any more...we switched to Verizon FIOS primarily for the high-speed internet, but we love the FIOS HD TV as well. DirecTV was great as well, except when you got a real bad storm, or worse yet, when you got a snow storm...then you have to go out and brush the snow off your dish. I did like the DirecTV Program Guide and features/functionality better then the FIOS one.

  2. Sorry the movers are delayed!! Before you now it, you'll be all settled in!

    BD is one guys full of wisdom isn't he!

  3. LOL...It's only cause I am so old!!! There is a reason for the saying "Wisdom comes with age"