Tuesday, May 3, 2011


We don't have really nothing else to do before closing. Our rep from NVR settlement called me yesterday to give our final figures and what we need to bring to closing. Ironically after what we went through to get our SSN cards, we don't need them for closing. Can't wait to see the house tomorrow for pre-settlement.



I know this is something small, but I LOVE TRAY CEILINGS.  Then to make it even better we have two of them.  I can see myself just staring at the ceiling in looking at how marvelous it is in all it's glory. 

Don't get me wrong, tray ceilings were not a requirement of ours and we don't expect to get it back for resale, but they're gorgeous and I don't care, lol. 


(I can't believe we're in the top 3 of our countdown.  It feels like it was yesterday figuring out what would and wouldn't make the countdown.)


Did you really think this wasn't going to make the countdown?  We love them.  They let in so much light and just make the kitchen feel even more open.  Of course our favorite thing is the center window with the semi circle window on top.  Also we like that we have a patio door, due to extending the family room, as opposed to the sliding door.  Just makes the space feel more formal.

We feel Ryan adds value with this upgrade by including the additional square footage in the basement.  A lot of builders don't do that, yet the price point for the upgrade is very close to Ryan.  In addition to the fact that we love the morning room, we pretty much had to add it for resale as about 60% of our community has them.  At least that's what we kept telling ourselves to justify the upgrade.


  1. You better take lots of pictures at your pre settlement date. I wish our model would come with tray ceiling I absolutely agree with you on how beautiful it is! You are getting an awesome house and soon enough you will be living there this weekend :)

  2. IMO the morning room makes the house. It's what sold us on Ryan vs everyone else. The additional basement square footage is also a really nice bonus.

  3. I agree with Stephanie. You better take lots of pictures. Because if you don't, and she doesn't get you, I might. LOL =P

    Tray ceilings are gorgeous!! And don't get me started on Morning Rooms! lol

  4. I really like what the tray ceilings add to the room also. A special umph! In our community they were offering the morning room and finished basement as an incentive! We couldn't beat that with a baseball bat!

  5. Love...Love...Love the tray ceilings. We will have one in our solarium and one in our bedroom. Opted out on the one in the dining room.

  6. The morning room is awesome!!!!!! Im so happy for yall!!!