Friday, January 21, 2011


Just over 24 hours since approval and I'm already shopping.  Am I the only one that went through this?  I actually went to a store to see if they still had Christmas trees, surprisingly they did.  I may have to get one at a ridiculously low price for the house.  I've also started looking at faucets for the kitchen sink, this may be the first thing we replace after closing. 

K M and RH, just an FYI if you're looking for furniture.  Levin just opened up a clearance center in Greensburg.  I haven't gone yet, but will report when I do go. 

Oh and thanks KM and India for being the first to comment on our blog.  Also thanks again K M for the tips for making the blog list. 


  1. Good buy on the tree! I bought a few things 2 days after Christmas, but even by then things were already picked over. I've also bought a few other things, but not nearly as much as I would have liked. My husband doesn't want to buy a whole lot until we're actually in the house - he's no fun! But once we're in he'll have unleased monster! I'm off for two weeks at the end of March and plan to spend much of that time spending money :) Like you, a kitchen and powder room faucet are on the top of my list!
    Oh and thanks for the tip about Levin. We want to get dining room furniture and then living room furniture shortly after. We'll have to check it out.

  2. Oops, just reread that you actually didn't buy the tree yet.

  3. The first thing we replaced was the kitchen sink and faucet. The sink was so shallow. If you are looking for deals shop on ebay for this type of thing. My husband and I found what we wanted at the home improvement stores or online stores and then searched for it on ebay. We ended up getting a sink that retails for $400 for $100 brand new on ebay and a Price Pfister faucet for $40!! I haven't replaced the bathroom faucets yet but when I do I will be shopping on ebay again. Here's my facebook album with before and after pictures

  4. I bought a bunch of Christmas stuff at Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond for the house in the last few weeks after Christmas - glad I am not the only one!

    Thanks for the tip on Levin's! We are waiting until they actually start our house to get any furniture!

    We had bought the cutest white table, chairs, side board, and hutch from Roomful Express - only to find out like 2 months later they are going out of business! The didn't have the chairs in stock, so we canceled our order, but haven't gotten any of our money back yet!

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  6. Congrats on the beginning of the home building process and thanks for joining in the blog fun. I am totally amazed at how many Ryan Homes blogs there are now considering 1 short year ago is when I stumbled onto the very first one. I see you have already added our blog. We are building an Avalon.

    As for your question about Guardian, it definitely varies dramatically from location to location in both the way they handle the cost and their pricing. Our monthly security fee will be $39.50 and it was $95 for each cable/phone/data cable. We were able to sit down and go through everything and then get back to him with our final selections. The really good thing is we didn't have to worry about exact placement only "how many" of each thing we wanted. For our family room we are putting all the audio/video equipment in the hall closet with the TV above the fireplace and all the speakers in the ceiling, so we had to take that into account when ordering everything. You can see a list of what we got on our blog and if you want pricing for some of the stuff send me a PM. Good Luck with all of that and above all else...HAVE FUN!!!

  7. Just found your blog, congrats! We also have been shopping A LOT! Going into the model so often makes it so hard not to envision how you want to decorate! :) Looking forward to seeing all of your progress :)