Thursday, January 20, 2011


After starting the process in early December we finally have loan approval to build our dream home. 

A little about us.  Hi I'm Deidre and my husband is Daniel and we're building Victoria Falls.  We started our new construction journey in Summer 2009.  We knew we wanted new construction and we had a pretty good idea of the areas we wanted to build.  Along the way we looked at 3 custom builders, 2 local builders, and Ryan Homes.  Ryan Homes was the first option we looked at and we're super glad that we chose them.  If you're in the Pittsburgh area and would like to know the other builders we considered, PM us. 

When we first started looking at Ryan, our floorplan, well at the time it was just Victoria, was one of the first floorplans we looked at.  Even with looking at other builders, that waterfall staircase stayed in our mind.  You know as they say, timing is everything.  Since initially looking at Victoria, the updates they made in Victoria Falls has made this our dream home (well except for 2nd floor laundry, lol).

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