Tuesday, February 15, 2011


We have pics!.

Oh and we have our Guardian meeting on Monday.  Usual question, what would you recommend?  I know most of the Ryan blog family have had this meeting already and I probably read your posts, but it would help to have it in on place. 

Now on to the pics...

From the model parking area

Almost at the easement in our backyard

From the model

Look at that dirt move

Funny, I just noticed the men in the hole here, lol

I think I should comment on how excited we are to have the black fence

Now that's a big hole

Funny story about our neighbor's house.  Four days before the Super Bowl we stopped by the model to get our electrical prints and there was just the foundation.  When we went Super Bowl Sunday to take our lot pics, the house was up...And this is another pic of our hole. 


  1. Thanks for the comment! Great pics of them actually digging. :) It's always so crazy to me how fast houses are built. I should be posting some pics soon of our breaking ground.

    As for Guardian, we really didn't want to spend too much money on all the extras so we just got the basic security system which is free. With this we got 3 door sensors, 1 motion detector, and 2 key pads (one in laundry and one in owner's suite). Only 1 key pad is included, but we negotiated with them to throw in the second key pad for free. We saw how others spent 4,000-6,000 for a in-house speaker system, but we plan on using itunes airplay.

  2. Yay! It looks great!
    I don't have much advice for Guardian - we were boring and only got phone, internet, and cable lines. One thing I've told other people about our experience with them was that when we told our salesman we weren't interested in the security system, he offered us 6 months free. So, there is some negotiating room.

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  4. Awesome!!!! I guess in the next 4 weeks the entire exterior frames and wall would be ready

    We went overboard with Guardian - Installed Kiplisch surround sound in the family room, Flat screen TV rough-ins in Family room (with the cables running to the study room for the components - DVD/Amplifier etc)..also flat tv rough in Master Bedroom with cables running to Closet..we also had coaxial cable connection in 2 of the bedrooms and basement. You need to do some homework as far as to where the cables need to go. I tried to bargain for Security - but finally got 400 off on the whole package - no 6 months free though:-)

  5. Diedre,

    Congrats on breaking ground.....Here is what we got!
    5-speaker surround sound
    Outdoor Speaker Rough-in
    6 prewire pkg for internet/cable/phone
    HDMI cable above fireplace
    We did sign-up for the security alarm as well!!! :) 3mths free!

  6. We went with the wireless security package (I like the feeling of security) if our phone lines should go out.

    A lot of people put me on guard about Guardian (no pun intended), making it sound like they did a pretty hard sell, and since me and my fiancee are both tech-savvy enough to set up our own network/surround sound, we didn't want to go into debt for something like that.

    After my initial meeting, though I admit that our Guardian rep couldn't have been nicer! He didn't push us into anything we didn't want and made me happy enough with what we did contract that I've suggested Guardian to a few family members who don't have Ryan homes!

  7. The one thing that I would recommend with guardian is to think about any tvs that you are mounting on the wall. If you are doing a wall mount, you have to get the electrical outlet from them because Ryan only takes care of the ones that are down by the base boards. When we placed the coax hookups we also added electrical outlets beside them so the power cable won't be seen when the tvs are up on the wall. They will also do hdmi and component cable prewires, but that is easy to put in afterwards.

    As a luxury item, we are having guardian install the full house vacuum system. I have a little dog who goes nuts at the sound of an upright and I don't like lugging the vacuum up and down stairs while trying to keep track of my toddler so it sounded like a nice bonus to me!