Thursday, February 10, 2011


We got 5 estimates for moving and storage today. Some gave us ridiculous quotes, others were what we expected. Another option we might look into is renting a truck from U-haul, use their moving helpers, and rent self storage. Too many options.

The meeting was great. It was longer than it probably should have been, but we asked A LOT of questions. Our PM is great. He gave us some suggestions for electrical and Guardian upgrades.



  1. What types of Guardian and Electrical suggestions did your PM give you...please share.

  2. Most of the estimates we got were pretty similar, except for one that was a lot more than the others. We ended up going with George - I'm not sure if they are up by you or not. They weren't the cheapest, but we felt the most comfortable with them.
    Glad to hear your meeting went well. Our meeting was way too long, too! So excited that you break ground in just a few days. It will go so fast!

  3. BD, our PM suggested making all of the eletrical upgrades/rough ins on the first floor possible as it's a pain to do it later. He also explained, which was confusing on our electrical print, that since we got recessed lighting in the kitchen, we don't have the fluorescent light over the island, so we need at add rough ins for pendant lighting. Lastly he advised us to speak with the electrician about what we need to do now to be able to use a generator. With Guardian he said it's worth getting the monthly service because the wiring for it is free. Also, he wouldn't get the speakers or the rough ins in the kitchen because with the open floor plan the sound travels well into the kitchen. Also keep in mind that the speakers will be under a bedroom which could be a pain.

    Hope this helps