Friday, February 25, 2011


Daniel stopped by the lot on Thursday to look at the progress of the foundation. 

I also spoke with our PM yesterday.  He said that they just finished up 8 hours of work on the foundation.  He also gave a little schedule for things to come:

They should be back filing next week
Lumber is scheduled to be delivered March 7 and framing starts March 8
We should have our electrical walk through with the electrician around March 18
Pre-drywall meeting we're shooting for March 25.  My dad wants to be there and he lives in VA.  I'm hoping I can convince them to make a weekend of it. 

Also we had a very enlightening trip to Best Buy yesterday.  Since we decided not to get the surround sound, we're still concerned about the TV being able to project if we're in the kitchen.  So Daniel has been looking at sound bars.  It's not surround sound, but it will project the sound and should fit the bill.  However, the gentleman that was helping us told us about HD antennas.  See we have basic cable and internet through Comcast and we mainly watch stuff on Netflix and our local channels.  Well Comcast has stated that if you don't have a little converter box, even though you have a digital TV, you won't be able to get your local channels.  So we got the boxes, which were free, but on our HD TV the local HD channels no longer exist.  So we started thinking about going back to cable, until we were told about the antenna.  If this works, we won't have to pay for basic cable and all of the channels will be in HD.  We're so over cable/fios/satellite, that we're excited about this being a possibility. 


  1. It should work just fine. That was one of the benefits of local TV going all digital.

  2. Congrats can't wait to see some more pics!!!!

  3. Yayyyy can't wait until we get started to! Congrats! I am so excited to follow your blog!

  4. Yay pics of the foundation! Our house is at the same stage. Can't wait to see the frame started!

  5. That's one good looking foundation! :)