Friday, March 18, 2011


We had our meeting with our electrician today.  We thoroughly enjoyed it.  We're so glad we were able to do the electrical the old way, meaning dealing with the electrician directly instead of just with our sales rep.  Granted our sales rep is great, but I felt we asked detailed questions and it was helpful to get a response on the spot.  We pretty much stuck with what we were initially thinking:

Ceiling fan rough ins for all bedrooms
Lighting rough in for the morning room
Extra outlet above the fireplace, bottom of the staircase, garage, in the vanity in owner's bath, and in the tray ceiling (for rope lighting)
Dedicated circuit in the basement for a future freezer chest or fridge and on the side of the house (same side as electrical panel for a generator)
Flood lamp on the outside of the morning room (so there will be more than just the patio light when we put in a deck)
Extra light fixture on the garage (we get two, but since we have a 3 car it just looked better)
Additional switches in the owners suite and 2nd full bath to control lighting
Under cabinet lighting ( forgot to add this during original post)

We didn't have to add recessed lights in the bathrooms, they come standard, and no dedicated circuit in the kitchen.  He said we get one anyway because it's code with the range hood.  We talked about adding a surge protector on the electrical box.  He gave us a price, but said that could be done later.  Lastly we talked about should we do something now in the event that we want a jetted tub in the owner's suite.  He said it would be better to do it now by adding a dedicated circuit, but we decided against it. 

Below are some of the pics from yesterday and today...

From yesterday.  I didn't know the door was on already.  The rest of the pics are from today

Oh yeah, morning room


Attic stairs

So glad we got the 6' tub.  Can't wait to soak in this bad boy

We finally bought my dream vacuum today.  I've been obsessed with this company for the past year, but maybe for the past few months I've longed for a canister vacuum.  I can't wait to use it in the house.

Finally we locked in our rate today...4.5% baby.  Super pumped.


  1. 4.5% Wowser! Did you lock for 60 days?

  2. If you don't mind me asking, did you go through NVR?

  3. What is the brand? I can't read it.

  4. Yes we went with NVR and the vacuum is Miele.

  5. the tub is awesome!!!!!

  6. So jealous...of your tub and your 4.5!!!

  7. Love love your tub and the lock in rate IS pretty sweet. I hope we get that rate lol.

    That is a nice vacuum something else I can look forward to spend on when we get a new house.

  8. I also wanted to say thanks for the suggestion for the extra outlet for tray ceiling for rope lightning. I wanted that but did not think of adding an outlet there. Thank you for that and to add a dedicated circuit for future fridge. I am soo adding that to the list. Right when I thought I had everything there was something else to add.

  9. Hmm...I'm with NVR too and the rates everyday this week that I've been quoted were 4.875% for 60 day and 4.75% for 30 days. Interesting. You'd think it would be the same, especially since our credit ratings were very very good.

  10. Wow it looks great and your electrical selections got me thinking again. We have a 3-car garage as well and we thought about 3 lights but wasn't sure how it would look so we stuck with the standard 2. Will wait to see how your's looks before making that final decision...we still have plenty of time before we start building.

  11. Mark are you doing conventional or FHA? We're doing FHA.

  12. Your house is coming along so fast within the last week, love the side entry garage!. Good thinking about all these extra outlets, something for us to think about..hoping its not too late since they haven't done the electrical yet...
    Congrats on the rate!

  13. Your house looks huge! That is so great that you locked in your interest rate! It will be finished before you know it!