Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I had my weekly "conference call" with our PM yesterday.  He said the permanent roof went on over the weekend (great because it's supposed to snow on Friday and yes I did say snow), the plumber was scheduled for yesterday and today electrical.  Daniel stopped by yesterday and I stopped by today.  What a difference a day makes.

Picture on the left is from yesterday.  Pay attention to the left side.  The pic on the right is from today.  Notice a difference?  If you guessed more of the brick to grade was done you would be correct.  Most of the house has the brick to grade on it now.

Love the roof.  Bring it on snow.

 Left is from yesterday, right is from today.  Yeap the garage doors are now in.  I'm glad we got basic doors.  We're not fans of the ones with the windows at the top.  The four windows in the garage will provide enough natural light.

I can't wait to fire this thing up in the winter. 

We didn't get a pic of the patio door until now.  We like it, don't you?  LOL

Have you figured out what this is yet?...It's our waterhose knozzle.  I thought is deserved the spotlight

Okay so this pic was taken from our egress window.  First time we've seen the basement. 

[You are now entering discussion corner]  Does anyone wonder if everything is moving too fast?  My parents have built twice since 2004 and their builds have taken about 6-9 months.  Everytime I talk to my stepmom she says this is the fastest built house she's ever seen.  Granted we all have a 10 year structural warranty and numerous inspections before the 1st year is over, but is it too fast?  What are your thoughts?  [You are now exiting discussion corner]

Pre-drywall inspection is Friday.  Then we have to finish packing up to move in with my mom until the house is built.  We'll be in the basement so we don't have to worry about being in my old room. 

Goodnite everyone!


  1. My parents have also built homes themselves, two to be exact. Both houses were custom built and they had a lot of customizable options that Ryan Homes just doesn't provide. They also had to go to each vendor separately when they picked out flooring and cabinets and such. Everything was not all in one like it is for the Ryan selection center.

    I agree though, it does feel very fast! I think a lot of that has to do with how streamlined they make the process and because they build so many homes each year.

  2. Your so funny! Congrats on the progress! Looks good!

  3. I do agree it is fast, but I think it's just because they're good at what they do! Also, they have everything already thought out before they even break ground...and since things aren't super customizable, there aren't a lot of changes to the norm. But, I guess we will all see what our blogs say about our homes in 10 years :)

  4. Hold the horses. The reason Ryan Homes can construct the homes so fast is because they build the structure in a factory. The walls come pre-constructed, delivered to the home site, put into position, and nailed in using air-powered nail guns. The roof trusses come pre-assembled and are lifted into place and nailed in. Imagine putting a single wall together one stud at a time at the home site...no jigs...no templates...no nothing...just measuring, cutting, and nailing...yes power nailing, but still...you can easily see how it would take longer. The Avalon I will be building has tons of customization but even with all of them we will still most likely be finished in 10-12 weeks.

    In addition to that everything comes to the home site in a big kit...walls, trusses, roof, windows, doors, etc.

  5. BD that's exactly what I was thinking. Also the fact that Ryan does so many, which everyone mentioned, they've been able to take advantage of economies of scale.

    Great discussion corner, we should do this more often.

  6. Ryan home is a big company and when they do build a home they have a big crew to work on it together and the walls go up quick. Yes, I do agree it is fast but then again they have been around for years and do know what they are doing. The company also have several inspections going through the house to make sure it is all up to code.

    I think your house looks beautiful by the way.

  7. I had the same thought, I was shocked when our sales rep said how quickly things move, but she also mentioned everything that BD said. Your house will look gorgeous when the brick/siding is complete! Can't wait to see more updates!

  8. Agreed. They have this down to a science. The fact that everything comes pre-built not only makes it go faster, but they are constructed in a controlled environment. So far so good, but like Lispis said, we'll see what the next few years bring.