Wednesday, March 16, 2011


All of our windows have been installed and the concrete has been poured in our garage.  I'm assuming the basement has been poured also, but we'll have to wait until Friday to confirm during our meeting with the electrician. 


Our stairs.  My peep hole, see next photo, has been covered.  So until Friday, the garage is my only viewpoint into the house.  We can't wait to see the stairs up close and personal. 

My former peep hole.  :-)

First time we've gotten a shot of a worker on our lot since we broke ground

Did you really think I wasn't going to take a pic of the morning room?  Plus here's another shot of our dedicated worker.

When knew our house was on the larger side, our rep today confirmed that it's just under 2700 sq feet (like 2698).  However, this shot really shows the massive size of it.  Who wants to help clean it?  Any volunteers?

As previously stated we're having our meeting with the electrician on Friday.  We know we want to do the following:

Ceiling fan rough ins in all bedrooms
Recessed lights above the tub and shower in both full bathrooms
Under cabinet lighting
Dedicated circuit above stove (we need this to put in the microwave after we close)
Basic outlet above fireplace for TV
I think we do have outlets on both sides of the island, but if we don't we'll add one
I have to also look at the electrical prints regarding outlets at the top and bottom of the stairs.  If there aren't any, we will add them

Things we're on the fence about:

Should we get a ceiling fan rough in for the morning room or just a basic light rough in?  I'm thinking basic light because I don't think I would ever want a fan in there. 

Lighting for the family room.  We already have recessed lights in the kitchen, but we have not clue what to do for the family room.  Neither of us are a fan of the recessed lights above the fireplace.  I would like suggestions from a resale perspective.  We've been operating with lamps for so long, over head lighting isn't a big deal to us. 

Our PM said if we install an outlet in the dining room tray ceiling, they would have the drop it a little bit and we could put rope lighting up there.  Your thoughts?

Should we put a light rough in for the living room?  Again thinking about it from a resale perspective.

Anything else that you can think of that we should add (from a resale perspective)?



  1. I know nothing about resale perspectives, but I would like to add that your house is gorgeous! Are you really thinking resale already? :) I'm pretty sure with a house like that, you don't need to worry about what people are looking at in resale...It's going to be amazing no matter what you what you want, that's why you're building a house after all!

  2. Would offer to help clean but I have a feeling I will be busy keeping our monster clean.

    Regarding the tray ceiling rope lighting, I would add it....I think it is a nice touch.

    Regarding the ceiling fan vs light rough in for the morning room...I personally would do the ceiling fan rough in...even if you have just a light there you can advertise that it is a ceiling fan rough in at resale.

    Family room lighting...we flopped back and forth on that as well and decided on just using floor lamps. If we decide that the floor lamps aren't cutting it we will install a ceiling fan with light instead of just a ceiling fan.

  3. Wow! It looks amazing! Your house is only like 300 square feet more than ours, but it looks double the size! That being said, my house is smaller than yours and I also would like to have some help cleaninig it! I LOVE your stairs! Your house is just beautiful!

    I'm not sure about resale, but we did recessed lights in the morning room. We also went back and forth about family room lights but ultimately decided to just go with lamp lighting. So far so good!

  4. And I've been thinking, 2011. We really should try to meet one of these days...

  5. K M I just may drop by one day. I know where you live my pretty, :-).

    Lispis we're not thinking about selling, but if a situation comes up and we have to move, I would like to make choices that will help us sell.

    Seems like everyone is saying screw it in the family room and living room (no one referred to that question.

  6. Wow - such great progress! I think lighting is a very personal choice so do what is right for you. We put a ceiling fan rough in for the morning room because in the summer I like to open the windows and that will help circulate the air through the whole kitchen and family room areas. We did not have overhead lighting in our family room previously and I missed it. I love lamps and the soft light they put out but sometimes I just want things brighter than that. Our "living room" is going to be a playroom so we put an overhead fixture in there...I think it just depends on what you want in each room.

  7. We did recessed lighting in great room, ceiling fan in morning room since it is near deck outside might want to open all windows and put a fan on? We are going from 1200 square feet to 4200! I am going to hate cleaning it! Same house I guess just from adding extensions and basement! Can't wait to continue to watch your progress!

  8. Wow what. Big transformation its amazing to see the progress! Your house is going to be soo amazing! As for morning room part we are going to do ceiling fan rough in. You do not have to use the fan that's the nice part can only use the lights and when resell be nice give buyers the option that its there. Keep the pixs coming I love to see the progress.

  9. Mom, Yeap we did all of the extensions (morning room, laundry, and family room), just no finished basement.

  10. The house looks great! That's a good point you made about your closing date. Ours was projected as 5/4 initially, then last week it was moved to 4/27. Now I'm wondering if we should delay them a couple of days to push off that first payment. Are you financing through NVR? I check in daily, and the 60-day rate is sitting pretty steady at 4.875%, 30-day is 4.75%. As far as suggestions for the electrician, you may want to consider an extra outlet outside in the front for Christmas (assuming you celebrate of course). We have no outdoor outlets at our current home, and even though our Ravenna includes an outlet out front, we're having them install an additional one on the other side of the front door as well for lights. It's a small thing, and rarely used, but when that time of the year rolls around it'll be priceless to me.

  11. Oh, and as far as lighting, we chose to put recessed lighting in the kitchen and family room, and a ceiling fan rough-in in the morning room. Everything else we left as is...