Saturday, March 12, 2011


I'm a little sad that we don't have a second floor on yet, but I can definitely tell there has been a lot more work done.  At first it looked the same to me, but then I forgot that our garage wasn't framed on Thursday.  The more I looked at it the more I was amazed at the changes.  I just remember how our neighbors house went from just a foundation to two stories in four days. 

So here are the pics...

I keep forgetting that we'll have four windows on the garage instead of three

Looking at the kitchen from our fireplace

I think the powder room is on the left, but the extended laundry is definitely on the right


Looks like we'll have a second floor early next week


  1. That looks wonderful! The 2nd story will be there soon! I am enjoying the pictures!

  2. Wow that is fast!!!!!!! I did not realize how fast they can build a home. How many crew people are working on the house? Were you able to count? I am just curious. I cannot wait for them to start building our home. It looks like not much longer soon you will have a brand new house! =)

  3. Your house is gonna be insane!!!! So happy for yall!!!

  4. Looks great! I am going to be posting our framing pics too. From here on I think it starts to go pretty fast!!

  5. Stephanie, I have no idea how big the crew is. On Thursday my rep said the lot was swamped with the framers.

    Thanks India and Sarah. F M start posting those pics, lol.

  6. Looks great! Wow, we are going to be neck and neck to the finish line. Things are starting to happen fast now, aren't they?