Thursday, March 31, 2011


Today we're moving out of our townhouse and in with my mom until the house is finished.  We'll be making posts from our phones, but from what I can tell, we can't upload pics. 

We stopped by the house Tuesday with our rep in tow.  This was the first time she's been inside the house so she was excited.  Just before we left the Energy Star inspector arrived.  I'm assuming everything was fine, but due to the move we haven't followed up.  I'm going to take my mom and Godmother to the house tomorrow since neither have been inside either, so I'll ask then. 

So according to our PM this week they were to have the Energy Star inspection (check), install the insulation (check except for the attic as of Tuesday), hang drywall pending passing of the Energy Star inspection, and possibly start on the siding.  The excavator told our PM that if they can get the siding guys out earlier than planned to do it since everything is going so smooth.  Yay.  We also go to see our neighbor's house that should be closing soon.  We didn't go upstairs and we took our shoes off since the flooring was down.  It's a Dunkirk.  India, your appliances were way better :-).  The only pics that we took were of the chandelier (even though we have a second row of lights on ours) and the fireplace (they got the same one as ours).

So enjoy the pics.  I am sad that ya'll won't see the interior of the house as it transforms, but can you imagine how many pics are going to be in the post after we close and have everything set up?  I'm just warning ya'll now, lol. 

Oh and I will be starting the 30 day countdown April 6.  Maybe I should get that countdown clock like India...Hmm. 

I'm glad that the insulation is green

Daniel being silly

I agree with my Dad.  Six panel doors are nicer

I like looking at the steel brackets.  Is that what they're called?

This is the best pic that we've taken so far of the steps.  I love of the sunlight is hitting them. 

Isn't it beautiful?

We nor our rep has any idea what this means, but we thought it was be cool to take a pic.  It's on our seat in the shower.

Can't wait to see our tray ceiling in it's full form.  Come to think of it, we didn't take a pic of the one in the dining room.

The finished product of what our fireplace will look like

You think this looks bad now, imagine it with another row of lights, lol

Oh speaking of lights, all of the light bulbs, except for those in the candelabra and I think if you got recessed lights in the bathrooms, are energy efficient/CFLs.

Okay, back to packing and moving. 


  1. Looks great - I love your steps!! Good luck with moving.

  2. I love the fireplace soo nice looking. For sure I will be using the fireplace constantly in the wintertime.

    I do agree you should do the countdown like India with the clock. That is pretty NEAT! Looking forward to be reading your 30 day count down.

  3. Everything looks good...You definitely should do a countdown and get a countdown clock...Corey got it for me though :).. LOL I really do love our appliances.. :) Thanks girl!!

  4. Looks awesome. Cant wait to see the pics after it is finished.

  5. Yay! It looks great. I am so in love with your staircase. Good luck with moving and living with your mom. I can't wait to see the pics!