Saturday, April 2, 2011


We're exhausted. We now know why people hire movers to do everything. We may have to increase the budget for part two. My mom's living and dining rooms look like a storage facility, lol.

In house news, our rep text me today to give me the results of the energy star inspection. WE PASSED! I'm going to try and go by the house before I go to work tomorrow. The drywall should be up and I need pictures. I also attempted to go to a few furniture stores today after work, but they were all closed.

My vacation from my full time job and tomorrow and I have to go back to work on monday. BOO!


  1. Yay for passing!!

    Man, when my sister got her house (last year) Every one told them NOT to buy ANYTHING until after they closed on the house, because people were getting denied right before or at closing because of large purchases. I'm soooo glad things seem to be better where ya'll are at! =)

    GL going back to work!! Can't wait for the new pics!

  2. now go relax girl!!!! :) your mom is awesome for letting you store all of your stuff...your fortunate to live close to your parents..... can make big purchases all you just cant apply for new credit... :)

  3. I agree very lucky to have family close by! At least your stuff is already packed in boxes which makes things a lot easier to move again when your house is all for you all. =)

  4. AH.... YES!! good poing India! =)

  5. As usual India is right. The only thing about making big purchases on existing credit cards is that if you credit is re-pulled and your monthly payments doesn't put you out of tolerance with your ratios.

    Ya'll are so right. We are blessed that we have family here. One of the many reasons we moved to my hometown.