Tuesday, April 26, 2011


It's amazing what carpet can do, lol.  We stopped by the house yesterday and our sales rep let us in.  As soon as we walked in we saw the carpet on the steps.  Sadly, we didn't get a picture of it.  I didn't even think about it until now.  Carpet is installed throughout the house.  Shelves are up in all of the closets, pantry, and laundry room.  All of the lighting fixtures are all and working, yeap we turned on every single light in the place.  We used energy star lights in our old place so we're used to how they brighten up a few moments after being turned on.  The faucets and toilets are in, didn't think to turn on the water, but we will before closing.  We talked to my Dad last night and he said to put in a stopper and fill up the sinks at least halfway, then drain to test the drainage in the sinks.  He also said to get an voltage thingy (yes I can't remember what it's called) so that you can plug into the outlets and test the voltage. 

I will have to say that I think part of the amazement was walking up to our front door on concrete (no pics of the walkway either).  No more mud for us, lol.  Oh and did you notice the countdown has single digit days now?  OMG, it's almost here.  I was telling Daniel yesterday that my co-workers were asking me when we were closing.  I said next Friday and it felt so good.  No longer a couple months or weeks from now, but next Friday.  Then it will become just Friday.  Can't wait. 

Okay so I know I owe ya'll pics and a countdown.  Pics are first, then the countdown.  Oh yeah, this is going to be a long post. 

Super pumped that we have a Lazy Susan

Laundry room shelves

Owner's Bedroom

Owner's closet

Owner's closet, gotta love the window

Owner's bath linen closet

Powder room


Pantry doors

Upstairs linen closet

Shower with faucets and soap dish



I don't like leaving lights on or having them come on with a timer.  Neither of us come home around the same time everyday and I think it's wasted energy to have lights on when you're not home.  This will give us great piece of mind.  We also like the fact that the house is already internally wired so in the event we decide not to renew with Guardian we can go to another company.  Plus we did save on our homeowners.  Not as much as we thought, but its a savings none the less.. 



When Dyson first came out I dreamed of owning one, but I couldn't justify having an expensive vacuum and a small place.  Then as I researched Dyson and other higher in vacuums I feel in love with Miele and have been obsessed with them since.  I can't wait to use it.  It was actually cheaper than some Dyson's and IMO a much better vacuum.  Plus the appliance store that we got it from will service it if we have an issue even after we've had it for a year.  The funny thing is that I don't like vacuuming, unless its with a canister vacuum.  I can't wait to open it up and use it.



We can probably fill up the pantry now with our non-perishables that are at my mother's house.  We love soup and cereal.  Like when I say we love it, we love it.  We will buy both of these in bulk and finish off the supply in two weeks.  This, plus the fridge, and the insane amount of cabinet space will allow us to shop how we want without having to wonder if we have enough room to store it. 


  1. Congrats on being so close. I can't wait until we reach that point as well.

  2. The pictures look great! OMGosh! Next week! How excited are you!?!?!??

    I'll be the one wanting in before closing to look at the kitchen and decide ahead of time where all my things will go! lol

  3. Next week whoo hoo ten you will get your new keys and livng in this beautiful home of yours. Sooo excited for you. Not too much longer. I love the shelves in your pantry more stuff to put on there. Love the pixs.