Thursday, April 21, 2011


I'm a little sad that I have nothing else to do regarding the house before the week of closing.  I've called Verizon and Direct TV and scheduled service, got our homeowners insurance set up, verified settlement, and what, as of now, we have to bring to settlement.  Well we did have a little scare.  I thought I made sure that we had EVERYTHING that we could possibly need prior to and during settlement handy during and after the move.  This way what we did yesterday and this morning wouldn't happen.  What did we do yesterday and this morning you might ask?  Go through the boxes at my mom's house for our social security cards.  We couldn't find them and I'm so upset about it.    When I say we have EVERYTHING ELSE I mean EVERYTHING ELSE.  We had our local tax payment stubs for the first quarter even.  I know they are in our possession somewhere, but I didn't want to take any chances.  So this morning we went to the SSA office and ordered replacement cards.  BTW if this happens to you, the office can give you a stamped letter with your name and SSN.  I verified with our NVR Settlement rep today that if we don't get the cards by settlement that the letters will be fine.  So other than that, I have nothing to do before setting up the utilities the week of closing.

Speaking of utilities, I have a question.  In our pre-settlement letter one page says to set up the utilities for the day after settlement and the next page to set up utilities for the day of settlement.  What day did ya'll set up your utilities on?

Last thing before the countdown.  As I write this post, Daniel still hasn't sent me the pics that he took from the house today.  So blame him for no pics, lol.  He did tell me that everything is installed in the powder room (sink, toilet, and light fixture).  Come to think of it, I'm not sure if the mirror is up.  Also the faucets are installed in our owner's bath and the light fixtures.  Our chandelier is up in the foyer and dining room and our dishwasher is installed in the kitchen.  He didn't look in the garage so we don't know if the stove and range hood are there yet or not. 

Now on to the countdown



I'm super excited about this.  Sometimes we need to adjust the temperature after we're settled in the bedroom.  Then it becomes a matter of rock, paper, scissors, the loser goes downstairs, lol.  Now we just have to jump out of bed and walk a few feet to change it.  I also like that the heating unit for upstairs is in the attic and the vents are in the ceiling.



I know this may seem weird, but I miss having our own garbage and recycling cans/bins.  Having to put the garbage in a dumpster can get interesting depending on how close it is to pick up day and the weather can be a nasty smelling experience.  I love to recycle.  When my municipality growing up started requiring residents to do it, my dad gave me the packet and he said that was my project.  I made sure the family recycled the right things in the proper way.  Our last place was the only rental that we had that offered recycling.  Of course it was in one location for the whole complex.  Whenever we put our recyclables in the bin, I was always disappointed that it wasn't full.  Some days I felt like we were the only ones that recycled.  I can't wait to get the information for our house and our bins.  I think I mentioned before that I want to have a shelf with bins for our recyclables in the mud room.  I like to have a rain barrel and a compost bin as well.  I kind of wish we had a rain barrel now.  With all of the rain we've gotten these past few weeks, we would've had enough water  for our lawn. 


  1. I too can't wait for the multi-zone heating and cooling...our solarium is it's own zone. It will be so nice not having to try and control the entire house with 1 control and our existing finished basement has no climate control.

  2. Looking forward to the pixs ur hubby took so will be keeping an eye out for it. As for trash well cnsidering we never been home owners always lived in apts does the trash company give us a trash bin along with recyling canister or do we have to buy them from lowes or something? I'm just wondering.... thanks :)

  3. Stephanie it depends on the municipality. Most will give the for recycling, some will do it for trash too.

  4. BD: I wondered how that was gonna work with the solarium. That's awesome!!

    I can't wait for pictures hon. And the dual zone thing... I cannot tell you the hell it is here with one unit, one thermostat, and 2 stories!! Upstairs is always BURNING UP!! Ugh. This will be nice!

  5. I love recycling, too BUT our recycling bin and trash can are huge!
    We were told to set up the utilities for teh day of settlement, but I think theyre's actually a pretty decent grace priod. I'm thinking it was 10 days or something because I remmber thinking it was overly generous.

  6. Yeah that was in there too.10 days before a termination notice.