Thursday, April 7, 2011

#29 & SIDING!

WE HAVE SIDING! Like the whole house. Shutters are on too. I'll post pics from work tomorrow.

#29 Three Car Garage

This was one of Daniel's requests. He has always talked about having a riding lawn mower and a tool bench in the garage. Plus let's face it, the garages are not deep. I don't see how we could have trash cans with the cars in there if we only had a two car garage. Plus its side entry. Great for curb appeal. Although Daniel won't be getting his riding lawn mower anytime soon, we're going to enjoy the extra space.


  1. hayyyy....cant wait to see pics!!! You gotta take pics with your phone and upload em via text to bloggr!!! :) The garage is gonna be much extra space!!!!Congrats Diedre!!!

    BTW...I only know one other lady named Diedre and she was my HS Vball coach!!! :)

  2. And I thought the 3 car garage was so your husband could get a sweet little sports car.

  3. Lol @ BD a sports car would be pretty sweet for sure my hubby would love that. Horray for siding. That's the fun process seeing your house all nice and decorated. Having a 3 car garage is pretty cool your houe is gonna be AWESOME!

  4. Can't wait for the pictures exciting!!! We got a side entry as well and I can't wait to see what it looks like@

  5. The siding makes it all come together so nicely, doesn't it? Our siding has been on for a couple of weeks now, yet still no shutters...hmm...I'm a little concerned about the garage too as I have a snowblower, riding lawnmower, etc...I've already started looking at sheds. Get those pictures up!

  6. I can't wait to see the pics!

    LOL @ BD!!

    Around these parts, most everyone has a building out back that the men fold put their tools and mowers in. Garages are for cars and kids' bikes. lol Eventually we will get a building and a fence.

    I also knew of a Deidre in high school. Not many of those around!