Saturday, April 16, 2011



I can't wait to use it. The kitchen without an island has more counter space than what we're used to, but having this huge island takes it to another level. Plus we have extra cabinets. I have all types of ideas and scenarios for this thing. I'm glad we added another outlet to the other side.


  1. You'll love it! Everyday I think about how much I love mine.

  2. The gourmet island sure is special and I have no idea what to do with all the cabinets it just means I get to shop more. :)

  3. *claps* Hooray for the gourmet island!!!

    I'm excited about this feature too! I can't wait. A place all 3 of my girls can help me prepare meals and cook (the older 2 already love to do this, but there really isn't a lot of space to do it where I'm at). Great choice for the countdown!

  4. I'm so excited about ours too!! I'm just so excited about the gatherings of friends and family around the island as we make dinner! Our kitchen now is so small there is no room for guests.