Friday, April 15, 2011




Come on do I really need to explain this? Lol. This was another no brainer upgrade for us. I'm always cold so this will be on during the winter.  From what I am told even though we didn't get the blower, it still kicks out enough heat for the family room and possibly kitchen. 

Those of you that have a fireplace and that have already closed, let me know if this is true. 



STORAGE, STORAGE, STORAGE.  We finally have enough room for what we need and then some.  Although our master bedroom isn't as huge as we would have dreamed(think Rome's floorplan which has an INSANE master), it's bigger than what we've ever had and it's all usable.  In addition to our closets in the master all of the other bedrooms have nice size closets as well.  Plus we have the linen closet in our bathroom and one for the other bedrooms, and I just covered the first floor.  Not to mention the coat closet, which is actually between the front door and the garage (in our old place you walked up stairs and walked through the living and dinette areas to get to the coat closet).  Plus the attic.  We love that it has steps and not just a crawl space type of thing. 



We're so over small apartment fridges.  Plus Daniel is a restaurant manager.  Sometimes he has to go to the store or another location to pick up items.  Previously, he would have to think about what room was left in the fridge to see if he could pick up the item and store it overnight in the warmer months.  Now, no problem.  Oh and left overs.  After a big meal, we finally have room to store everything and not beg people to take it home for fear that we will throw it out.  Lastly, we don't have to work about going to the grocery store and not having enough room for our groceries.  Believe it or not, this has happened before.  We're going to enjoy all of the 28 cubic feet of this bad boy.

So that takes care of the size of the fridge, let's talk about the features.  Ours has the slim space saver ice on the door.  So we have the complete inner cabinet of the fridge that doesn't take up precious space.  The ice bucket is also removable.  Although the bucket doesn't store a lot of ice, which is fine with us because we're not big ice people, there's a tray in the freezer that offers more storage for ice.  The dispenser is taller than normal so it can accommodate most water bottles.  It also has a measured fill control.  Add to it the expandable shelf and you can place a small pot or water bottle in the dispenser and walk away to do other things if need be. 


  1. I am head over heels with getting the fireplace and cannot wait! I get cold easily so I sure will be warm and toasty next to the fireplace.

    As for storage I have no idea what to do with it the only thought I have so far would be the Xmas decorations.

    I feel the same way with apartment size refrigerator this will be the first year EVER having our own fridge and getting to pick out the style, size and color that will match our kitchen.

    20 more days to go! Only two more weeks and a half are you ready??? =)

  2. I agree 100% on the fireplace! We did decide to go with the blower though.

  3. The fireplace is awesome! It does give off a good bit of heat without the blower. In fact, there's a little flame that's always going, and if you're by the fireplace you can feel it. A blower was never introduced to us an an option, but I really don't think we needed it.
    The storage is great and I'm also in love with the fridge. Where does your husband work?

  4. I totally missed your posts!!! The fireplace heats the whole downstairs..upstairs not so much....yesterday we had it on for about an hour and a half and our house got heated to 75degrees...and it stayed warm for a will love the fireplace!! Your refrigerator size is ginormous...Thats awesome! and the storage is so awesome!!!! things can finally disappear and you still know where its all at :)