Thursday, April 14, 2011


I'll post later with the countdown.  Anywho, yesterday was really productive.  I called Verizon to start things rolling with the phone and internet.  I set up phone, but they're still buidling the address for the internet.  I hope closing goes smoothly because I scheduled the technician to come out between 1-5pm the day of closing.  They only do installations during the week.

Now, on to the pics

Yay, upper and lower cabinets installed.  Gourmet island hasn't been installed yet though

Vinyl on the first floor

Railing is in

Trim is up in the master tray ceiling

French doors are on

Vinyl in the bathrooms upstairs

Ceramic tile in the shower

And now on the tub surround

So glad we got the double sinks

Vanity in guest bath.  I think this shows the true color of the vanity

Our gutters

Front stoop ready to be poured with concrete

And the walkway ready for concrete


  1. WOW~ I love it! Very nice!! Are you getting excited yet?

  2. Wow a lot of progress! Everything looks great. Not too much longer then soon you will be living there. Still waiting for the countdown. =)

  3. It's all coming together so nicely ...almost there! I was very excited to see pictures of your kitchen cabinets. We chose the maple cognac for our kitchen as well and when I pulled the pictures off our camera I didn't like how they looked. Your pictures look just like I remember them and now I'm more confident in our selection,so thank you. :)

  4. Deidre, make sure they install the cabinet knobs properly. Ours were not aligned as they should have been and I had to complain to get them to do it right. Another pet peeve of mine was that when they installed all the various face plates for the electrical outlets, switches, ethernet jacks, phone jacks, etc. the majority of them were installed crooked and I think this looks so unprofessional, so I made them fix them. Maybe you can mention these things to your project manager ahead of time so that they exercise care in doing the job right the first time.
    All your choices look very nice by the way!

  5. @Mike, we're already on it. We've see two cabinets that the drawers were off center and brought it to our PMs attention. Thanks for giving us other stuff to watch out for.

  6. Looks great! Love the cabinets and am so happy you went with the double sink in the bathroom. That was my one big regret. I love your long curved walkway!