Friday, April 8, 2011


The electrical issue I mentioned before has been fixed.  So we have our own line running into the house.  Not that we were worried that it would affect closing, however, it reassuring that this won't be an issue.  The walls have been primed, no pics of that, and we should have concrete in there for the front stoop and sidewalk next week.  I'll find out more about next weeks activities on Monday. 

Also our railing is in. 

I don't know where these are in the house, Daniel took the pics.  Can't wait until they're installed and stained.  


Kitchen.  Can you say counter and cabinet space?  I can't wait.  Finally a kitchen that I can fill every cabinet with various items.  The ability to prepare a dinner for two or for a party is so awesome.  I'm a baker and I really missed making cookies for the holidays.  Now I can start making cakes and breads too and not have worrying about if I have enough room to work and store my gadgets.  We love the fact that we can prepare food and still entertain our guests with the open floor plan.  Finally, the kitchen sink.  We upgraded to the deeper sink.  I never really paid attention to sink depth until we moved into our apartment in DC and our townhouse in Pittsburgh.  The sinks were so shallow and couldn't handle more than a few dishes at a time.  I'm so glad we did this upgrade. 

There are other elements of the kitchen that we love, but those get their own entry on the countdown. 


  1. I am 100% with you on the kitchen. I am a baker also and haven't made almost anything in the last year. We're in a rental that has less counter space than we had just on the gourmet island before we moved. My husband doesn't miss the baking (says it's bad for his waistline), but I can't wait to get back to a kitchen where I want to spend time. Congratulations on being so close...looking forward to the rest of the countdown!

  2. I can't stress enough how important the sink upgrade is! We didn't even see this as an option for us when we were selecting things. But it is the first thing we noticed during our walk-throughs! Ours is soooo shallow. Anyone reading this who hasn't selected yet: Upgrade your sink!!!!

  3. I love these countdowns!! =)

    The kitchens are such a nice feature! Glad you got the electrical worked out! Can't wait for the next round of pics!

  4. I love all all of your banisters! I think your kitchen is probably bigger than mine, but I am loving mine! You will too! I'm thinking that we should have a Pittsburgh bloggers gathering one of these days...

  5. Agreed about the sink! When we first sat down with our sales rep she said to us "we will go through all of the upgrade options but I am telling you right now I am adding the upgraded sink for you automatically, trust me!" Guess they must get a lot of complaints about that one. I'm surprised the railings aren't stained before they arrive...seems easier to do that before all of the posts are in? Looks great though!

  6. I hate the sink! We have to upgrade ours!