Sunday, April 17, 2011


I forgot to include this in the countdown post yesterday. We ordered the Ashley Key Town bedroom set from Levin on Friday. Finally adult bedroom furniture that isn't from IKEA. We didn't get the canopy bed because we didn't want to take away from the tray ceiling, and we got the 3 drawer nightstands. I don't understand why furniture stores price a package with just one nightstand. Even if your single, a nightstand on both sides if the bed just looks better.

Since I'm already making a post I might as well do a countdown item. I can't believe we're 19 days from closing. On Friday we're 2 weeks out from closing.



I cannot wait until our first event, which should be the the 4th of July. We already know that our house will be the holiday house and we wouldn't have it any other way. We looked at dining room tables again on Friday and the look in the reps face when we asked about a formal dining set that can accommodate 10 people was priceless. I think he wanted to card us to see if we're old enough to want this type of table, lol. Still haven't made a decision on that yet.

Anywho we can have people in the morning, family, dining, and/or living room. When we have formal dinners at least the kiddie table will be cool since it'll be in the morning room. Then we'll eventually have a deck/ patio. Hopefully we can put one on next year.

Something that bothers me when we would go over someone's house and they don't have enough room in the closet for coats. Granted if you have 20 or more people over it gets difficult, but 10 coats should be able to fit in your closet. That's why we'll also have coat racks in the mud room. We haven't figured out what to do with guest shoes yet. We're open to. suggestions.


  1. Oh how I relate to you here!

    For the holidays, if everyone CAN'T come, we still have 21 people...MINIMUM!!! We've had gatherings over 30! (and this is just MY side of the family) When say just about my entire family lives with in 10 miles of me, I mean it! lol I can't wait to have bigger home to entertain in!

    I'm also excited about the mudroom. My DH (darling husband) keeps a minimum of 3 jackets out at all times. Drives me nuts. With the mudroom we can hall have our "every day" coats there and make more room in the closet like you were saying! a a girl after my own heart! lol

  2. It is great to finally be able to entertain. Although, since we've entertained 6 out of the last 7 weeks and we'll be having Easter, I'm ready for a break.

  3. @ Noey are you on the Knot/ Nest? We use DH all the time on their message boards and today is the first time I recall seeing it being used outside of those sites.

  4. I'll have to tell my wife about this DH thing and get in on this ! :)
    Deidre, that's a good idea to have a coat rack in the mudroom when having a lot of guests over.

  5. That is funny when you asking for a table to accommodate 10 people but it is true when have a bunch of family over for holidays such as Thanksgiving.

    Once you find a coat rack in the mudroom take a picture of it since I will be needing to be looking for one too.

    2 more weeks, wow it will go by fast....

  6. lol No. I am a TMN site (TheMommiesNetwork). It's one of our abbreviations.

    It's a nation wide community that sets up local on line sites (I belong to the one in my area: CPM) for moms. We connect, communicate, share stories of our kids and loved ones, hold play dates, MNO's and MNI's (mom's night Out/In), family gatherings, do community work and charity work, share recipes & deals, and get support. We use things like:

    DH Darling husband (unless your mad...then D could stand for something else lol)
    DC Darling Children
    STBX Soon-to-be-ex
    DS Darling spouse
    TFS Thanks for sharing!
    IMO/IMHO in my opinion/in my humble opinion

    what is knot/nest?