Saturday, April 9, 2011


Before I start with the countdown I have a question. What have you been doing all day? The latest post is from India this morning. I must say I'm really disappointed, lol.

Of course we stooped by the house today. A guy was in the house working on our railings, the top cabinets in the kitchen have been installed, and the walls have been primed. Our bathroom cabinets were upstairs, but haven't been installed. We took pictures, but I'll post them on Monday. Okay on to the countdown


How could you not love having two walk-in closets in your bedroom? We have already decided who gets which closet. Daniel will get the larger closet as he has way more clothes than I do. We're finally going to have room for all of our clothes and shoes.

It's been a long day for me so I'm calling it a night. I hope to see more post tomorrow


  1. Well my day started off cleaning then failing miserably at making easter egg cake pops. What a waste of time! They looked horrible but the kids liked them. Oh well :)
    I'm in love with my one big closet. I can't imagine having two!

  2. I stopped by the model home just looking over everything and daydreaming about my future home. Yes the walk in closet is just amazing but having two walk in closets is gonna be double sweet. I cannot imagine having two we don't own that many clothes :)

  3. @Stephanie - I agree with you. We will have two walkin closets and I can't imagine what we will do with them.

  4. I have one tiny closet now so I cannot wait to have 2 huge walk in closets! No kids are even excited about bigger closests! Stopping by model tomorrow...just shopped all day today!

  5. Hey Diedre......whats with the guys having more clothes then us??? Corey too...but its because i wear a uniform everyday i guess....I definitely have more shoes than him..Two closets is gonna be just perfect!!! I cant wait to fill my side up :)

  6. I can't wait for out 2 closets! We will use the one in our bathroom for our clothes, and the one in our bedroom as storage. They are both huge!! Very exciting stuff!

    As for what I did yesterday....

    We looked at other model homes in the area just for fun. I am in love with the home we hope to build!! That is for certain!

  7. Yesterday morning super early we got our furniture delivered...then we went back to bed :) Then we had some company to come look at the furniture. Then I ran a ton of errands, went to Home Goods and Target to look for some decorations, bought a really cute tea kettle, went to the grocery store, went to my friend's bonfire, and then ended the evening falling asleep on our new couch and in a drunken-tired stubborness refused to leave the couch to go to bed. So, I was too busy to post :)