Friday, April 29, 2011


YES!!!!  In one week we'll be home owner's.  I think we're really prepared so far.  We got an email from our processor that we're CTC and package has been prepared.  We're just waiting for final figures at this point.  I called and set up utilites today for the day of closing as well.  I was really excited when I called for our trash collection.  I asked what can and cannot be recycled and was pleased to know that they sky is the limit practically.  They'll even take junk mail. 

We also ordered those Ginsu knives that ThriftyAmy told everyone about.  I LOVE GINSU.  My father gave me a set years ago and we still have them.  But now we have fancy ones.  Just like with Amy, they came in 2 days.  BTW, if you have a Sam's Club membership, they sell them there to.  I'm not sure if they only have them online or if they're in the store also. 

In other news, my brother is in town and we'll be taking him to see the house tomorrow morning.  We haven't been there since Monday.  Can't wait. 



Finally, we have a domicle that we can do this.  We're mounting TVs in our family room and owner's bedroom.  Matter of fact I ordered the wall mounts yesterday through Monoprice.  I spoke to a technical support rep online, gave them the make and models of our TVs, and told them what we wanted (fixed, tilt, and/or swivel).  They looked up the specs and gave me the model numbers.  It was so worry free.  The rep also gave me a link to a youtube video for mounting.  For about $85 we got two wall mounts including shipping.  Oh and we did get a new TV for our bedroom



We both had basements growing up so it was important to use that we had as much space as possible.  Therefore we only considered homes with attached garages.  Ideally when we finish the basement we'll be able to put a full bath, we got the rough ins, a bedroom and a media room.  Thoughts have also swarmed in our heads to maybe turn it into an apartment for an income property.  It's great having options. 

The attic is new territory for us.  We both had them, but they were more like the crawl space type.  Not the pull down ladder type that we have now.  It's great to know that we have extra storage for when we finish the basement.


  1. All that extra space will be wonderful!

    I can't believe you are only a week away!

    Take your camera tomorrow! lol

  2. I am all for extra space! One more week!!!!!!! It will go by soooo fast in a blink of an eye. Soo exciting.