Friday, April 22, 2011


Porch lights.  Daniel said that garage lights are installed as well, but he didn't get a pic.

Faucets and lighting fixture

Foyer chandelier

Powder room.  Daniel said the light fixture is installed, but he didn't get a picture of it

Better shot of foyer chandelier

Dining room chandelier


The complete fireplace

Utility tub

We went with basic appliances, faucets, and lighting fixtures.  I hope when we get the washer, dryer, and microwave, there's still room for a new dishwasher.  The included dishwasher is really loud for an open floor plan. 


  1. LOVE IT!! Your bathroom cabinets look like what we picked out too! =) Gives me a nice sense of how ours will look.

    Love the colors of your home too! VERY NICE! Very exciting stuff!!

  2. Your house is coming along great! I love the choices you made and I love your foyer!

  3. Pictures look good! Are you all packed and ready to move in yet???? 13 more days.... Wheeee

  4. Looks great! That ladder is huge! What a beautiful foyer! Everything looks so nice.

  5. Your house is going to be beautiful! We went with the basic appliances (we sold the stove though) and it looks like we have the same dishwasher. You're is loud and the cycle is long. I really want a new one but a dishwasher is low priority.

  6. Everything is coming together. Here's a tip regarding the dishwasher in an open floor plan. It is well worth the extra couple hundred dollars to get the ultra quiet model. When we moved into our existing house we had a basic level GE one that got recalled because of a wiring problem. GE offered $125 if you used it to purchase a new GE model. Because of the $125 we bought one that was out of our price range. We have an open floor plan now and the first night we turned it on I had to get up from the family room and go in the kitchen to make sure it was actually running. With our old one we had to crank up the volume on the TV to hear it. Same is true with the washer and dryer. I know it is hard when you first buy a house, but it's worth it.

    @km - regarding the ladder - if you and hubby are thinking about getting a ladder, think about the Little Giant - they are AWESOME...easy to store...easy to use...easy to move around...and numerous uses...everything from a step ladder to a full length extension ladder all in one. Costco has them - got a great deal on one back around Christmas.

  7. BD, quick question about the new GE dishwasher. Have you had any problem with it? I ask because GE gets so so reviews. The is one dishwasher by them that I love, it has the auto dispenser and steam. Also great recommendation on the ladder.

    Megan, if you don't mind me asking, why did you sell the stove?

    Stephanie, we're already backed up. We moved from our old place into my mother's basement. So 95% of our stuff is still packed.

  8. Wow, that foyer is beautiful!!! Love it all, it all looks great!

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Foyer so much natural light

  10. looks good girl!!! its huge!!!!