Saturday, April 23, 2011


That's the message that our PM sent us today when our sales rep and I attempted to access the house. Our walkway and stoop finally got poured. We walked on the dirt part beside the walkway and we were greeted by two pieces of plywood in a cross bone pattern, minus the skull. Yeap he was trying to tell us something, lol. Even the garage doors were locked.

I took pics, which I can't post until Monday, of the outside. I got pics of the lighting fixtures on the outside of the garage doors, the air conditioning units, the walkway, and the front door, wood planks and all. One exciting thing was that the front porch lights were on. Well one of them was on. I'll ask our PM about that on Monday.

On to the countdown.



Ours is huge. We measured about 60-70 feet behind the house for the flat part and 100+ including the hill up to the easements. For us this is a huge backyard. We could probably build a small house back there and still have plenty of room. When we have kids and get a dog there's plenty of room for them to play. We have no idea what we want to do with it other than adding a covered deck/patio. It feels great knowing that we have a lot of possibilities.



Speaking of kids and a dog, lol. This is one if the reasons that we got a bigger home. We know so many people that wished they would have bought a bigger first house. Plus we despise moving. Also we both grew up in the same house and we wanted to provide that opportunity for our future children.

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  1. Having a big backyard is definitely a big plus and the fun part is you can do whatever you want in your own yard. You can garden put a swimming pool, have a shed the list goes on and on.

    Having plenty of space in yourhouse is great especially fr the holidays and entertaining people. I am so excited for you. Happy Easter.