Monday, April 18, 2011



This is one of the reasons we picked Ryan as our builder. Knowing that we have an energy efficient home is important to us. I also love the green and sustainable components. Plus since we have the dual zone heating and cooling I'm hoping this will be reflected in our utilities.

We can't stand drafts. In our old place the loveseat, which is where I primarily sat, was in front of a window. During the colder months I would wrap a small blanket around my neck. Also our front door left a lot of cold in. We would walk down two steps and feel a drastic change in temperature.

Now on to the awesomeness. We stopped by the house today. We had to get our rep to let us in. The house is in lockdown mode now. Our railings are stained and they look great. They still need to be varnished though. The stain is much redder than the sample. It's a true cherry and we love it. Also the gourmet island is installed. Our walkway and stoop was supposed to be poured Saturday, but with the lovely weather we had that didn't happen. Our next nicest day will be Thursday. Everything looks great.

I admit I had a little freak out moment. It didn't look like our fridge would fit. This was a calm freak out moment as before we ordered it we compared to the biggest fridge that Ryan offered. So after we left the house we went to Home Depot. They didn't have our exact model, but they had a model that is similar. Once I got a better signal I was able to look up our fridge's dimensions. So in the end I was worried about nothing.

Okay I'm going to bed now. Until next time.


  1. I love these countdowns!! Maybe I'll do one. lol

    I'm glad things are great! Wish you had pics! lol I'm glad you got the fridge thing resolved. I'm the kind of person that would freak out about that too and have to make sure. I totally understand!!!

    Glad everything is moving smoothly!! =)

  2. You got in the house but took no pixs girl go back and take a ton! Speaking of ref. I better contact our sales rep and ask for the measurements so that way when buy ref it will fit. Looking forward to next countdown.

  3. I did take pics, but I have to wait until I get to work to upload them.

  4. What have they said about it being Energy Star? Do you know what it means exactly? Because I posted on my blog a few weeks ago about our electric bill being so high since it's an energy star house, shouldn't our bill be super low??? We have the electrician coming out today to check things out.


    This is the government's website.

    I remember your post. Let us know what the electrician says as I don't recall others mentioning a higher than normal bill.