Sunday, April 10, 2011



Finally a bathroom that both if us can get ready in. Super happy about the double sinks. Admittedly I wish it was a little bigger, but its the biggest we've ever had. We can't wait to use the tub. I miss taking baths and Daniel sometimes needs a good soak after work. While deciding on a floorplan I noticed the linen closet was lost when the bath was upgraded. I need a linen closet in the bathroom, so that was another added plus for Victoria Falls. The water closet is great, you know why lol.

In non-countdown news, we decided on homeowners insurance. One more check off the list.


  1. I so love the owners upgraded bathroom too! My hubby hates baths so I know he will never use it while I on the other hand lovesssss baths with a passion cannot wait till the house is complete. Bubble baths are the absolute best!

  2. I'm excited about our bathrooms too, even though they aren't all that big. Going from 1 to 2.5 will be wonderful!!! We went for the upgraded bath as well, even though I will probably be the only one to use the bath.

  3. I Love my masterbath we upgraded to a oversized bath and I love it I lost 2 feet in my bedroom to get it but I do not regret it