Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I attempted to post these yesterday, but got busy at work. 

The pics below are from our visit on Saturday. 

When we arrived a guy was working on the railing.  He didn't want his picture taken so we just took this one instead

Lower kitchen cabinets in our dinning room

Dinning room tray ceiling

Upper cabinets.  Can't wait until our refridgerator is installed the day after closing

Planters shelf

Cabinets for the owner's bath and guest bath. 

I could only get the back side of the sink because the front was covered

These pics are from yesterday when Daniel went.  He took my mother with him and this was the first time she's step foot inside the house.  She loved it.  Then she started to decorate it...pray for us, lol

Trim added to

Oh yeah, they started working on the flooring

Sub floor action

Our PM and I played phone tag yesterday, but between the messages he left me and our actual call today we're making great progress.  He's trying to get the congrete guy scheduled so they can pour the walkway (has already been grated) and front stoop.  The ceramic guy started working on the owner's bath yesterday and should be done today.  The vinyl for our floors should be laid today and will probably be done tomorrow or the next day.  All utilities are up and running except water, which will be soon. 

For the past few days including today, we have been productive. 

  • I called and left a message at NVR settlement to see if we can nail down a time for closing. 
  • Called our current insurance company to let them know we're switching. 
  • Set up Direct TV last night
  • Called the movers that we used last time and scheduled the move
  • Bought a TV at Costco.  Yeap, you read right.  Here it is...

Samsung UN55C6400
  This TV was almost a steal.  We got it on super sale.  They dropped the price even more because there was only two left.  After we bought this, only the floor model remained.  Bad thing is that we found out the $90 installation pretty much included unpacking it.  In order to mount it the price goes up to $250.  So India, I hope you're right that we can mount it ourselves. 

I know I owe ya'll a countdown from last night and today, so those will come later on tonight. 


  1. We got the same TV from Costco!

  2. LOL!!!! Trust me doll!!!!! it was really easy!!!!

  3. I am so in love with your stairs! Everything looks great!

  4. @Jen. That's great. How do you like it? Everytime we went into Costco I kept staring at it.

  5. So much progress! It looks great! I like your TV. I can't wait to see your floor!

  6. I agree with Sarah soo much progress! The house is looking better and better. Sooo exciting and yes you do owe us a countdown haha.