Monday, April 4, 2011


WE GOT IT WE GOT IT! Super pumped. Does anyone know when you'll be contacted to set up a settlement time?

I also spoke with our PM today. Told him about the 3 areas where the drywall isn't flushed and he'll handle it. He also said that our siding came this morning. This should the going up this week with the trim. Unfortunately there maybe an issue with the electrical. The temporary line is apparently in but the permanent line from the transformer into the house hasn't been done yet because the transformer was live. Apparently when a transformer is live only the electrical company can touch the transformer. And because of the bad weather we had a couple weeks ago, the electric company is backed up and won't be able to come to the house until possibly the end of the month. Our PM said it should not cause an issue with closing, but wanted us to be aware of it possibly be an issue. I told him that as long as this is resolved prior to our rate expiring, 5/17, we're okay.

Lastly Daniel and I completed our 30 day countdown list yesterday. Coming soon to a Ryan Homes family blog near you on April 6.


  1. hahahaahahah thats cool that you guys did it together....i just yell at corey and say babe whats # ? lol....Our pre-settlement/closing letter had the times for both :).

  2. We got our pre-settlement/closing date and times figured out at the pre-drywall meeting. So, I would think you'd be getting them soon! Good idea to come up a countdown list ahead of time..I was always impressed by bloggers coming up with things to talk about! :)

  3. I will say prayer that your closing will not be effected.

    I can't wait to start reading the list!!

  4. Our pre-settlement letter came and lists our pre-settlement date AND our closing date as 4/29. No times are listed for either, but I'm assuming we'll do the walk-through in the morning and the closing in the afternoon.

  5. Im impressed that the PM said that it will not affect your closing! That is good news. =) Yay for the pre-settlement.